Pedal Up Mountain Bike Program History and Foundation Facts

Goals for Pedal Up Mountain Biking Program:

One of the co-founders of the foundation, Carlo Schejola, had a longstanding love for cycling. That coupled with a the foundations’ desire to promote healthy lifestyles helped establish the mountain bike program. Funded through gifts in honor of Carlo’s memory, the Foundation works diligently to help provide cycling experiences to youth everywhere. Foundation funds are used to bring daily access to mountain biking, by partnering with Boys & Girls Club organizations to establishing local mountain bike programs and facilities, for children and teens across the country.

Application Guidelines:

Pedal Up Mountain Biking Program is selective in grant decisions and prefers to provide support for a smaller number of significant, carefully planned projects rather than to award large numbers of smaller grants. Almost all grants are conditioned on the organization completing funding for the project with other gifts and pledges. Special priority is placed on funding organizations with daily access to children and teens, and with potential for an onsite riding facility. Successful applicants typically secure volunteer partners within their local cycling and mountain biking communities.

Funding should be used as seed money to cover the costs of building the initial facility, as well as purchasing bikes, helmets, storage, tools, and various equipment for the execution of the program. Remaining funding may be used to help hire and compensate staff responsible for running the daily aspects of the program.

Grantees must enter into a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to complete five years of structured programming, and provide basic measurable statistics by completing the Foundation’s annual report on or before January 30th of each subsequent year. Currently, applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Currently, Pedal Up Mountain Biking Program focuses on funding Boys & Girls Club organizations, but may consider other youth serving organizations. Recipients must be a valid 501c3, and should be in good financial standing.


Our mission is to help provide young people with daily access to mountain biking experiences.

We believe that cycling is a life long skill with benefits that carry over to nearly every aspect of a young person’s life.

Promoting the health and wellbeing of every child, through cycling.

Long term goals to expand nationally and internationally.

Partnering exclusively with Boys and Girls Clubs to establish local mountain bike programs and facilities for children.


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